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Nov. 1, 2008

Montana NTRAKers were treated to a pre-Thanksgiving tour of Montana Rail Link's shops at historical Livingston. MRL's Mark Sigler was our host and tour guide.

Livingston was the gateway for travel to Yellowstone National Park back in the days when the Northern Pacific took visitors down to the park's northern entrance at Gardiner. The original station today functions as a museum and cultural center.

Mark Sigler, who is a great friend and supporter of Montana NTRAK, is the regional director of Operation Lifesaver, an international organization dedicated to teaching young and old about the dangers of being around real trains. Montana NTRAK includes Operation Lifesaver presentations and information at each of its public layouts.

Montana NTRAK's David Hawkings and Ken Allen are certified Operation Lifesaver presentors. Both Dave and Ken completed OL training in 2008.

Mark took Montana NTRAKers and family members attending through the entire MRL facility, patiently answering each and every question posed, and there were many questions. Following the two-hour tour, Mark and club members dined on burgers and fries at a local restaurant. After lunch, it was off to see the Livingston Model Railroad Club's layout in the basement of one of the station's annex buildings.

A good time was had by all, as they say. And, we're going back to the Livingston shops in the spring for another tour. We just can't get enough. That's supported by the fact that each time Montana MTRAK sets up a layout, there is always a Montana Rail Link train running at sometime during the presentation.