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February 28 - March 1, 2009

Setup at the Bozeman Public Library. If the pictures on this page are higher quality then normal, that's because the Bozeman Camera Club spent several hours photographing our trains.

With the end of February came a new venue for Montana NTRAK, the Bozeman Public Library. Even though this was a slightly smaller space than we were used to at our other setups, we managed to set up a 22x26 layout.

Over the course of two days, we attracted two distinct types of visitors. The first were people who had seen or heard from our website, from signs posted in the library, or from friends, that Montana NTRAK was going to be there.

The other kind were people who discovered this odd collection of people and their hobby as a happy side-effect of visiting the public library.

In either case, both were united by their affection for and interest in trains.

Another collection of people paid our layout a visit as well, the members of the Bozeman Camera Club. Below are copies of a number of images that club members were generous enough to provide for use on our website.


Photos by Tamera Frank