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June 19-20, 2009

A last hurrah before a summer break, a 46' x 30' layout at the Gallatin Valley Mall.

With the arrival of summer comes all those activities that happen outside and away from NTRAK modules. Rather than trying to convince our members of the apparent folly of doing those outside activities instead of playing with their trains, we decided to set a new record for largest layout and then take a few months off.

Our original plan was to have all of our modules here. Real life decided to intrude, however, and two of our members, Chris Bruchhauser and Paul Newby, and their modules weren't able to attend. Between them, the modules of "Nowhere, Montana," "Disasters," and "Yellowstone" were both missing and missed. So, while looking at these photos, just remember that this layout could have another twelve feet of modules.

Something to try for next time.

Normally, the photos start with a tour of the layout's current configuration. This time, since this is the last setup for a few months, we'll start with a few images of the process of trying to put this jigsaw puzzle with rail joiners together.