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October 24-25, 2009

Montana NTRAK at the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Montana NTRAK returned to Gallatin Valley Mall in October

Montana NTRAK returned to the Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman the weekend of October 24-25 to set up the second layout of its 2009-2010 Display Seasons. An L-shaped layout design was used.

David Hawkins' Boeing green-fuselage car system captured the interest of many. Go to the Railfan Photos page, click on the BNSF logo, and scroll down to the real Boeing green-fuselage car. Compare it with Dave's model, and you'll see why this N scale miniature of the real car and its loads gets so much attention at Montana NTRAK layouts.

Dave's unique module, Hawkins Corner, was used as the "inside" corner necessary for the layout. It's a wonderfully crafted Montana agriculture scene. Go to the Member List page, scroll down to Dave, and click on Hawkins Corner. You'll see the genesis, progress (including the corner set up in Dave's living room), and finished module system.

Doug Lanphear's Rushmore and The Palisades was among the October modules. Go to the Member List page, scroll down to Doug, and click on Rushmore and The Palisades to see how he planned and built the 12-foot system.

Several of Rod McElwain's beloved modern-day locomotives, including three hand-painted models of KCS motive power can be seen on his Wind Farm module. To see real KCS motive power in Montana, go to our Railfan Photos page and click on the KCS logo. You'll find a General Electric C44-9W in full KCS Southern Bell livery at rest on a siding in Belgrade.