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November 7-8, 2009

MSU ballroom for the "Family Fest, Home for the Holidays" local and Montana merchants' show.

Our first ever appearance at MSU for Family Fest!

Montana NTRAK made its first visit to Montana State University in early November, setting up a small rectangular layout at the first "Family Fest, Home for the Holidays" merchants and crafts show. The show was a Saturday and Sunday event. It and the layout were in the MSU Student Union ball room. Several dozen booths where staffed by local merchants and craftsmen from near and far, containing displays of various gift items and decorative ideas for the coming holidays. Family Fest directors say they plan to present the event annually for several years to come. Our club mascot, Spike, was visited by a giant-sized dinosaur pal. Have a look at the pictures below to see Spike's big pal and the new trains we ran.