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Montana NTRAK, Inc., was established on Oct. 7, 2007, in Bozeman, Montana. It was formed as a non-profit organization and is legally incorporated in the State of Montana for the purposes of promoting and practicing the hobby of N Scale modular model railroading and for public educational activities and public charitable activities. Montana NTRAK has called together modelers from all scales to enjoy "N Scale Model Railroading Under the Big Sky".

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The N-Scale in Montana NTRAK, Model Railroading Under The Big Sky.

N Scale model trains get their name from the rails they run on, which are spaced nine millimeters apart. N Scale is a proportion of 1-to-160, meaning one of any measurement in N Scale is equal to 160 of that measurement in real life. One foot in N Scale is 160 feet in real life.

N Scale trains are about half the size of the more common HO Scale model trains, and only a quarter of the size of Lionel toy trains, which are not true O Scale, but close to it.

HO Scale gets its name from being half the size of O Scale. HO: Half of O.

The smaller N Scale allows greater space for scenery to be created in developing a true-to-life module, which is the basic unit in NTRAK modular model railroading.

NTRAK is an international association of model railroaders that has created a set of standards anyone may use to build N Scale modules -- those basic two-foot-by-four-foot units or sections you see in all Montana NTRAK layouts.

Different modules are joined together to form large portable layouts, like those Montana NTRAK sets up in the Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman, or smaller layouts, like those we set up in the lobby at the Museum of the Rockies and in the Bozeman Public Library.

Individual NTRAK modules can be connected with other modules built by anyone in the world who follows the NTRAK Standard. NTRAK Modelers from Japan have connected their modules with modelers from Switzerland at NTRAK conventions in the United States.

Those who live in townhouses or apartments can enjoy NTRAK model railroading by following the NTRAK standard and building a single module which can be plugged into a Montana NTRAK layout, large or small.

NTRAK layouts worldwide offer close-up viewing, correctly proportioned scenery, and maximum train action. NTRAK layouts allow short or long trains, some with as many as 100 cars or more. The NTRAK Standards are available from the national NTRAK organization in the "Module How-To Book.

You can learn more about the national NTRAK organization by visiting the Related Links page and then clicking on the NTRAK logo.

You can learn more about Montana NTRAK by visiting the different pages on our website.