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Our four corner modules
Doug Lanphear
June 9, 1956 - Nov. 8, 2011

Doug Lanphear, a Montana NTRAK charter member, died at his home in Bozeman on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011, as a result of a heart attack. He was 55. He is survived by his beloved wife, Stacy, and other family members.

Doug had served the club as its Secretary and was serving as its Board Member at Large at the time of his death. Never without a smile, a new corny joke, and a willingness to help set up a layout and have fun running trains, Doug always will be remembered as a dear friend and as a remarkable model railroader.

He was a prolific module modeler.

Doug was named the club's Most Artistic Modeler at our first Annual Meeting in October 2008, following the formation of Montana NTRAK in October 2007. He received the award for his Atlantis module, a whimsical and surrealistic 2x4-foot creation where three primary operating train lines run under water and over the legendary Lost City of Atlantis made famous by the Greek writer Plato.

In addition to Atlantis, Doug first produced the wildly popular module Disasters, followed by his Yellowstone module, both standard 2x4-foot modules. He then expanded to the 12-foot Redwood Forest module and the 12-foot Rushmore and The Palisades module system, which includes yard set-up tracks behind the system skyboard for all four of the operating lines employed on our layouts.

All of Doug's work can be viewed here in the pages of our website.