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Module Photos

Club Yard
Don Bolick and Wally Payne

The yard was donated to Montana NTRAK in 2010. The four-module system is our main staging location. It is a center of continual activity.

Abraham's Town
Jay McEldoon

Named after our most enthusiastic Family Member, this module gave you an idea of what many railroad small towns in Montana looked like.

Doug Lanphear

This is what happens when somebody spots a bunch of craft stuff on sale.

More Club Modules
Built by Club Members

Here are pictures of some of our club-owned modules in various stages of construction.

Dialectic, MT
Steve Seitel

Montana does have a desert and it's right here.

Paul Newby -- (Doug Lanphear builder)

Watch out for the tree! The disaster module of the club shows just about every possible disaster, even a cow getting washed down river in a storm surge.

Elevator No. 4
Dave Hawkins

Typical Montana prarie elevator service to the railroad.

Hawkins Corner
Dave Hawkins

This is our first inside curve. With it, we were able to set-up a layout in an L-shape.

Little Prickly Pear Creek
Dan Devore

Montana's colorful geology and multiple bridges brighten up this module.

Mountain Yard
Wally Payne

The Great Northern units roll by the towering cliffs of western Montana.

New River Mining
Dave Hawkins

The other side of the Montana industrial coin.

Nowhere, Montana
Chris Bruchhauser

A very good representation of most of the rail stops in Montana, a small siding and a small town.

Redwood Forest
Doug Lanphear

Showing that just about anything can be done in N Scale, this three module Redwood Forest and lumber mill is always popular at set ups.

Rushmore And The Palisades
Doug Lanphear

To assist the setup of trains on our layouts, Doug constructed these modules.

Union Tunnel and The Hooptie
Tim Langworthy and Phil DeKoning

What started out as a simple switchback has continued to mutate into more and more complicated subject matters.

Paul Newby -- (Doug Lanphear builder)

Beautiful Yellowstone National Park module even shows Old Faithful erupting.